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Richard Brooks Investigations, or "RBI", is a professional, full service investigative agency. We specialize in legal and insurance fraud investigations. RBI has been featured on TruTV and in PI Magazine.

Richard A. Brooks, C.P.S.
Owner of RBI. Former military, city, county & state police officer; current private investigator

RBI is a limited liability company. We are a full time, licensed and insured private investigations firm based in central Mississippi, serving portions of the Southeastern United States.


On 12/4/11, an article was published in the Sun Herlad newspaper in the Biloxi / Gulfport, Mississippi area regarding Mr. Brooks and his Association, the Mississippi Professional Investigators Association. 

TruTv's hit show, "All Worked Up", aired one of RBI's craziest domestic cases ever conducted.  The show originally aired in January 2011.  The show continues to air today.  Additional episodes were filmed and hopefully more will follow this year.

RBI on "All Worked Up"


On 9/9/11, the National Association of Investigative Specialists “spotlighted” Richard Brooks Investigations (RBI).  Please visit the site, hit “like” and leave a comment:

NAIS Member Spotlight - RBI


RBI - Chasing down the truth….with a vengeance!